Mittwoch, 7. September 2016

Review: Nandemobox

Nandemobox is a japan based Kawaii subscription box.
They offer a snack subscription and a kawaii subscription box.
Their subscription box is 35$ including shipping to Germany and I really like the quality and also the value of the items in the box.
Due to high demand they don´t offer new subscriptions at the moment but check out their shop in a few weeks, I am sure they will open spots.
If you can´t wait, check out their social media.
Sometimes they have some leftover boxes after shipping and so they sell them as one time boxes there.

I got the August box which theme was stuff around the house/kepp things organised.

 The pink card was printed with an explanation to every product.
All was wrapped in beautiful paper.
 The box was really packed.
 A little twin stars plate to serve some little snacks or treats.

 A passport and card envelope with little twin stars
 An Hello Kitty organizer for headphones
Disney food pickers.
I love this design.
 Matching little cups to put food in your obentou.
It is coated to prevent any soaking of water.
 Kirimi bags. A lot of them.
I already use them to carry my make up in my handbag.
Little Twin stars alufoil.
I already have two kinds of it and now it seems I should start to use it. Even it is almost too kawaii to use.

A Hello Kitty zipper bag. For little things in your bag or your bathroom.

All items were selected with love and all of them are useful.
I am a bit sad not to have a subscription and hope they will open new spots soon.

Review: Curiology

 Curiology  and its Shop is an UK based brand specialised in acryl jewellery.
They design, produce and ship everything themselves with a lot of passion and love.

I want to show you two stunning pieces of my constantly growing collection.

 All items arrive wrapped in stripped paper with a handwritten message.
 A castle with bats cameo and an Alice necklace.

I love the quality of the pieces.
As they are all designed by Curiology they are not to be found anywhere else.

Please visit their shop and support small and creatives businesses.
A little close up of the castle with bats
Combined with my Mint chocolate ring

Please note: the shop of Curiology will be closed till the 10th of September 2016 to prepare all for the next Halloween season.
Give their page a like and stay tuned for the Halloween collection.

Mittwoch, 3. August 2016

Dokomi 2016

 Yes I do need all these things for 3 days in Düsseldorf

Day 1: Putumayo Tea Party
 At friday I had the opportunity to attend a tea party woth putumayo as guest of honor.
Putumayo is a japanese label

 Really cool napkins
 Wilma came with me
 the decoration was eatable- Wilma discovered it
 I bought two rings

I was a bit tired becaused I drove there right after wotk and was afraid to be too late.
And so I have no whole outfit picture only this one with the dear Kreativmiez and Wilma

Day 2
 Kreativmiez has her own indie brand and so she had a booth a the convention.
She dressed up as a salmon nigiri.
I love this idea <3
 I had onigiri- my food for the whole weekend.
 Yes, we took a bath in little plush balls
My skirt tried to lift himself

After a long day we went to Maruyasu restaurant on the Immermannstraße

I had Ebi Tempura and it was great.

 I love side dishes

Day 3
Today I helped a dear friend of mine
Li-Paro at her booth

She creates Lolita clothes but also necklaces from real flowers.
Please visit her store.

 Yes, I got a new gloomie in gold and one dressed up as Hanyo Usagi (a birthday special edition) and an all purpose rabbit dresses as Alice.
They are soo cute
 Jewellery for a friend.
Yes I bought two necklaces from Li-Paro
One in silver and one in gold
both with a red rose inside
I love red roses and wasn´t able to decide if I prefer to wear them in gold or silver.

WGT 2016

 I checked my luggage in the day before my flight and so we had dinner at the airport

 cake and sparkling wine-the perfect start of a festical weekend
 bad luck cookies while waiting in the queue.

 My dinner-a 3 Euro Döner.
It was really good.
 Party in the evening
 Having a beer
 We had no wardrobe and so the girls were creative
 Our kitchen
 The table for eating/make up/hair/storage of make up/crafting the last parts of the outfit
 My wardrobe
 Yes we were in the first floor and sadly this was the stair
 Getting ready for Victorian Village
 They stuffed the whole salad leaves into this tiny bowl. I think it took 10 minutes to eat this salad because I was afraid to get spots on my dress.

 The perfect Fotolocation-thank you Februarblüte for these pictures
 Yes they sold cupcakes

 We joined a hat maker course
This is how it should look like in the end.

 this is how the hat I made looked like after 4 hours of sewing.
No I know why handmade hats are expensive- they are a lot of work
 Me sewing
 A great dress with the print " Die Nachtwache" by Rembrandt

The second day-

  yes we had fun and a good breakfast

 A good absinthe cocktail but we visited a recommened partner restaurant and it was horrible.
The worst we ever had.

This was 1000 times better

 The dessert

 We visited the medieval village and had fruit wine
 a bit of culture- the "Völkerschlachtdenkmal"
Nice advertisement

All in all the weekend was a lot colder than expected.
Next year I will bring more warm clothes to combine better.

And I need to do something with my New Rock  Boots.
They started to become a little bit too big and so they move and I got blisters.

Either I will find a solution or I need to change my whole show wardrobe.